What do Thie's Clients say?


"Thie and I first met in 2012 when she was referred to me by a person whose opinion I respected. As financial planning is not my area of expertise, working with Thie has been greatly beneficial for me because she has helped me to understand my complete financial position; both in the present and in looking ahead to the future. She took the time to learn all the details of my specific circumstances and then created a plan and course of action for me to follow. I believe that when getting advice you should have a sense of the person before you take that advice. I have come to value Thie’s advice, knowing that it comes with her knowledge, energy and personality. It was also helpful to me to know that Thie has involved herself in many different ways in the local community."


- David Ivey, Retired Lawyer, Dundas


"I originally met Thie through a referral by a client of hers. I’ve had previous experiences where I feel like I hadn’t really been involved in my own financial planning but Thie has given me faith that this process can actually work. She is focused on me and what I want to achieve. She shares short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans and gives detailed explanations on how we will achieve my goals. And I’m beginning to see some real improvement! Thie surrounds herself with other professionals that will work corroboratively to get me where I’d like to be. I appreciate her personal attention and professional, direct approach. Thie is great and I like working with her."


- Karen Scraba, Associate Director of Global Alliances and Services, Dundas


"I started working with Thie as my Wealth Advisor over ten years ago and I have come to trust her completely over those years. She takes care of me and all of my numbers in a way that I don’t have to worry. I have confidence that everything is going as it should in my Wealth Plan. Thie takes the time to maintain contact with me and is very organized. She keeps meeting notes and creates an agenda based on her notes. Thie is upbeat and positive – she’s fun!"


- Sandra Gemin, Owner, BodySense Go-Natural Boutique & Spa


"I first met Thie around 12 years ago, just after my husband passed away. A neighbour, who is a client of hers, recommended that I meet with her and the rest is history! Thie is pretty amazing. She has helped me in just about every way you can think of. She is like a good friend I can turn to – dependable, reliable, easy to talk to, always looking out for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to call her about anything. I have told my friends about Thie and how she has taken the financial pressure off me. I now have security and it gives me great comfort not to have to worry. I would highly recommend Thie to anyone who is looking for a Wealth Advisor."


- H. Skrok, Retired, Hamilton


"While I originally met Thie through St. James Church, it was through her newsletter that I learned of her business and background. Thie has made me feel very secure because she is knowledgeable, helpful, and always dependable. She is open and honest and I know that I can call her whenever I need to. Thie carries herself with great professionalism – not only as a Wealth Advisor – but as someone who contributes a great deal to her community."


- Rev. Canon Ruth Jefferson, Retired, Dundas


"Thie and I met when she spoke to my Body & Soul group and I knew after I listened to her that we’d make a good fit. One of the most helpful things about working with Thie is that she takes the worry away about whether our retirement savings will last throughout retirement. She is very reassuring and is constantly updating her investment knowledge, while we relax, knowing that we are getting the best advice. Thie is always friendly, professional and interested in her clients and has their best interests at heart. She strives to do so much good in this world and does so much to help others!"


- Barb Thomson, Retired , Dundas


“Thie and I began working together during the summer of 2013, after a recommendation from my brother who is also client of hers. Thie’s unique approach has helped me to step back and look at the bigger picture of my financial status. She focuses not just on investments, but also how other items – such as my income taxes, wills, and estate planning – can affect my overall wealth picture. Being a visual learner, I find it helpful that she uses things like graphs and charts and that she takes the time to talk about what they mean to me and how they relate to my situation. Thie is very personable and I feel very comfortable with her."


- Frank Ramirez, Self-Employed, Story Board Artist


"Retirement at age 50 was always our goal. We were comfortable having a good plan and exercising the financial discipline necessary. Considering the roller coaster markets over the past few years, it’s doubtful that we would have achieved our goals of early retirement without Thie’s assistance. As it turned out, we made our retirement decision at ages 49 and 46, respectively.”


- Keith Heckley & Caroline Fehr, Retired Management Consultant and Retired Teacher, Hamilton


“We wanted someone to handle ‘the big picture,’ and we weren’t even sure this person existed who could oversee all aspects related to our financial situation. Now, Thie organizes everything including investments, tax planning, wills, some details relevant to our business, while focusing on our priorities of our children and our home.”


- George & Kathy Eastwood, Engineer/Home Inspector and Teacher, Dundas


“Thie has been our Financial Advisor for 15 years, and we almost consider her part of our family! She has been with us through many changes and through the growth of our children. Any new situation that might have a financial impact, our first thought has always been, “Let’s call Thie.” She always gets back to us quickly, and with a plan. She is truly a trusted advisor, with energy to spare.”


- Al & Sari Campbell, Commercial Finance Professional, MBA, and Retired Teacher, Hamilton


“I have been working with Thie for a number of years now, and doing so has given me tremendous peace of mind. She is so reliable and honest. I especially appreciate her straightforward manner, and simple explanations. She helps me understand all the relevant issues and decisions to be made.”


- Elvira Peterson, Retired High school Teacher, Dundas


“We have learned a lot from Thie. She encourages us to call anytime if we have questions or concerns about anything. She never makes you feel like a question is trivial. She has explained different options or offers that might be available to us, and together we are making the best, most informed decisions to benefit our present and future. We are grateful to be working with Thie. She has our utmost respect, both personally and professionally. She handles everything. We have absolute confidence that our investments are building toward our future, which is a huge relief and absolute stress reduction.”


- Anthony Heyer & Dr. Andrea Ferretti, Child & Youth Worker and Ferretti Wellness Centre Property Manager and Chiropractor, F.I.C.P.A., Ferretti  Chiropractic, Dundas


“Years ago, a friend from our church congregation invited us to a presentation hosted by Thie. We liked Thie right off the bat and feel the same way today. We reach her easily by phone, and she is always so pleasant and obliging. Thie always has time for us. She takes a very personal interest in how we are doing, and how our family is, as well. Thie treats each individual as important, right down to the birthday cards she sends each year. She has been a fountain of knowledge and we’ve never had a financial question or challenge that Thie couldn’t solve. Over the years Thie has always been there and always been so helpful that we are thankful for that initial introduction years ago.”


- Earl & Isie Purmal, Enjoying retirement, Hamilton


Shirlie: “Thie has been our advisor for about twelve years. In that first year, she got everything organized for us: line of credit, registering our property in both names, power of attorney, wills and more. Ever since, we’ve felt very comfortable knowing that no matter what happens, everything has been organized. The company we worked with before never did any of that for us. Right now we are so thankful for Thie’s suggestions at our last annual review and her thoughts on what would be most appropriate for this stage of our retirement. In these troubled times, we certainly feel great! Thank you, Thie!”

Bob: “Through the years, Thie has advised us on so many different things. I am knowledgeable with steel. But if it’s anything to do with money matters, Thie is our specialist.”


- Bob & Shirlie Eden, Retired, Dundas


“About 9 years ago, I heard Thie speak at a Women’s Luncheon Group and I immediately liked her and felt a friendly bond. I accepted Thie’s offer to review my financial arrangements, which were somewhat scattered at that time. That meeting confirmed my positive opinion of Thie and the comfortable rapport I felt with her, and life has been fabulous ever since! Thie has her finger on all the little pieces, and I know it’s all under control. She has not only been a financial advisor but also a trusted sounding board, helping me with everything from major purchases to my mental health! I really appreciate her interest in the total me and all the things that will make my life better.”


- Floris Ann Dawson, Retired and having fun!, Caledonia


“My wife, Rea, and I first met Thie through one of our sons and learned that she could assist us in organizing some of our investments and other aspects of our post-retirement lives. Over quite a number of years now she has not only helped to organize many aspects of our lives but has become a good friend whose company is as enjoyable as her advice is valuable. Matters of insurance, asset management and estate planning are now in an ordered state that has brought a great feeling of relief from what used to be a somewhat chaotic and stressful situation.”


- Dr. Alan A. Smith Professor Emeritus, McMaster University, Dundas


“We’ve known Thie since she was a child. We watched her grow into a good person and we have followed her extensive education. We’re very comfortable with Thie and know she’s there for us. We have also benefitted financially - after all, you do hope to make money.”


- Ron & Pearl Jackman, Retired Consultant and Retired Assistant, Scarborough


“Before we even sit down for our semi-annual meetings with Thie, she has already prepared an itemized list of things to discuss. We are really impressed with Thie’s ability to anticipate our needs before we bring them to the table. Knowing that Thie is always identifying issues or concerns that might be relevant for us, and doing this kind of planning on our behalf, is a tremendous comfort.”


- John and Arleen DePaulo, Lab Tech, Arcelor Mittal & professional homemaker and Grandma, Ancaster


“Years ago Thie and I met while working on a volunteer committee in Dundas. When Doug and I found ourselves in need of a financial advisor, I thought of Thie. I was already comfortable working with her and after listening to her speak at a dinner presentation, decided to meet with her for a personal consultation. Thie got us organized. She addressed more than just our immediate financial concerns and started us working on long term goals including our wills and estate planning. We trust Thie. We respect her knowledge and ability to describe complex financial concepts in ways that we can understand.”


- Cheri Weaver & Doug Berry, Teacher & System Architect, Dundas


“The long downturn in the market had me feeling uneasy about the future. I had previously met Thie, and felt it was time to approach her for a second opinion. Thie’s step-by-step approach and reassuring demeanor were such a welcome relief! I appreciate all the time taken getting to know me, and Thie’s genuine personal interest in my well being. With Thie’s knowledge, and the wide range of thorough services she provides my uneasy feelings have been replaced with total confidence. And the most important difference is the peace of mind that comes from knowing Thie is genuinely interested in and looking out for my future.”


- Audrey Nicol, Retired, Dundas


“My husband, Colin, and I were introduced to Thie through a friend ages ago. Thie always gave us very good, straightforward and solid advice, and never dictated anything to us. Prior to his death, Colin took care of all finances, but now Thie helps me. She lets me know exactly where I stand and I can rely on her expertise. Thie is bright, intelligent and better than anyone I can imagine!”


- Vivian Campbell, Retired, Ancaster


“At a time in my life when I felt vulnerable (after the death of my husband), I met Thie Convery at a dinner presentation. With Thie, all of my financial needs are taken care of. She has always been decent, honest and forthright in her recommendations. She truly offers a one-stop service. And I trust Thie.”


- Janet Black, Retired, Burlington


“I originally met Thie at St. James Church. I was on my own and felt that I needed some assistance in organizing my finances and I felt very comfortable seeing Thie. Thie presents an extremely, well balanced approach and takes care of everything. It’s a “one-stop” shop! Based my personal situation, she also presented to me options that I wasn’t even aware existed. Thie always follows through on what she says and is very organized. She is very genuine and I admire the causes that she supports. On a personal note, Thie takes great interest in my kids and in me personally, yet she can separate personal from professional.”


-Marg Taylor, Recreation Co-Ordinator, Dundas


“We first met Thie at a presentation and were very impressed so we made an appointment to meet with her. What Thie had to offer was all new ideas to us, and perhaps we were a little nervous at first but over the years, we’ve built a high level of trust with Thie. We even got our daughter and mother to go with Thie! We like the fact that Thie continually takes courses to upgrade her knowledge. She has drive and passion and is an inspiration to people; and when Thie puts her mind to something, she makes it happen. The amount of effort that Thie puts into everything proves to us that she must be doing the same for her clients. We’re very glad with the direction that Thie has lead us, because now we can have fun travelling, visiting our grandchildren, and spending time fixing up our condo.”


- Ron & Sharon Hutchinson, Retired Electrical Instrumentation Designer & Retired Salesperson, Burlington


“We first met with Thie approximately 16 years ago after seeing her at a presentation that our parents had recommended. We were dating each other at that time, and Thie helped us put together a plan for our future. She has guided us step-by-step throughout the many different stages of our life. Thie is so much more than just a financial advisor! She knows how to invest our money, and helps guide us on other aspects of our life as well, such as life insurance, wills, and an RESP for our daughter’s education. She is very good at asking questions that open the lines of communication in order for us to make the right decision. Thie annually reviews our mission statement to help keep us on track with our ultimate goals. When everyone else was so worried and concerned regarding the markets, we never worried once about the money in our investments. So many of our friends that have financial planners weren’t getting any guidance, but we had total trust. Thie is a really good, honest person that cares – and that’s most important to us.”


- Steve & Cheryl Storey, Fire Protection industry and Financial Services industry, Oakville


“We first met Thie over ten years ago through one of her clients. Since then, Thie has assisted us tremendously through planning, and then keeping us on course with our Wealth Plan. Thie has also assisted us with the drafting of our wills and other legal documents, which is very important to our family’s situation. Thie is very kind, thoughtful and shows empathy. We talk about everything with her and feel very safe going to her about anything. If ever there was a change, Thie has been very quick to let us know; and she is always sharing with us materials and other resources that she comes across. We admire Thie with all of her contributions to local charities and how she helps others. Thie has been an inspiration over the years with her many adventures, such as her bodybuilding and her swim across Lake Ontario. Thie even subtlety teaches us that we are never too old to learn new things!”


- Brian & Mary Morrison, Operations Manager at Mircom and Homemaker, Mississauga


“We first met Thie through a referral and she has been fantastic to us throughout the years. Thie set us up with a course of action and we meet annually to go over our Wealth Plan. Now we feel so much better about our wealth situation. We trust Thie completely, find her very honest and we feel comfortable to discuss anything with her. She always takes her time and never makes us feel rushed. We always leave Thie’s office feeling relaxed, as everything gets checked off our list that we are planning on doing. Thie helps us take care of every aspect of our wealth goals, or directs us to someone that can take care of it, such as her estate lawyer and chartered accountant. Thie’s involvement with her activities outside of her work shows her true character of how wonderful and kind she is and that she truly cares.”


- Jamie & Kerri Lomax, Self Employed Framing Contractor and School Teacher, Brantford


"My familiarity with Thie’s professional services comes about perhaps in a less than traditional fashion in that I am the executor of my late parents’ estate. I first met Thie several years ago, when my mother was still living, but she was at the point of needing some assistance in her financial affairs. I liked Thie from the start and one of the things that has always impressed me is her great concern - not just for the portfolio of her clients - but for the clients themselves. Over the past two years, I have had numerous conversations with Thie, and while I am not an expert by any means, I found my mother’s account to be incredibly well managed, with diverse holdings that not only weathered in good fashion the inevitable ups and downs in the market, but that, in many instances, produced a phenomenal rate of return. As a non-resident Canadian, I am prohibited from having an account in Canada but I am looking forward to my retirement back to Canada for a number of reasons; among them, I will be able to invest with Thie! And if my future portfolio with her grows as nicely as my parents did, I will have an added reason to celebrate."


-Dr. Gwyn E. Campbell


Frances: "I met Thie when I was president of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation and I was looking for speakers to make a presentation for our donor base. She is knowledgeable about charitable giving and I thought she’d be a good fit. Turns out she was not only a good fit for the presentation, but for Rudy and I ourselves. She listens carefully to the kind of things that both Rudy and I want as individuals as well as a couple. She gives up-to-date information and allows us to make choices and we have benefited with good, consistent growth in our portfolio. Thie is very interactive with her clients; she holds information sessions she believes will helpful, she has regular progress meetings, and is always thoughtful enough to place a phone call if there is something she finds that is relevant. She listens to where we are and what we need. I know that Thie is there for us no matter what happens. As we get older, it becomes more important to have someone we trust taking care of our financial situation. Thie sets a good example - she walks the talk and that makes me feel confident in her and her advice."

Rudy: "I first met Thie in her office when we were having the interview to see it we would be a good fit. The best thing about Thie is how organized she is. She has been most helpful by taking charge and organizing our financial paperwork – something I detest! She is a good listener and we have come to value her advice. Personally, I’m impressed with her energy and how she keeps herself lively. She always pushes herself hard to achieve her goals."


- Frances & Rudy Neufeld, Retired Fundraiser/Board Member in Not for Profit Sector & Professional Musician, Dundas


John: We first met Thie when she bought our previous Advisor’s business – about 4 or 5 years ago. Thie is always happy, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. She explains things really well and knows what she is talking about. It’s very comforting that we don’t have to worry about our money; she takes good care of it. Thie makes time for us and is looking out for our best interests. She is very giving, caring, and can always put a smile on your face.

Jan: Thie has done wonders for us. She is very informative, knowledgeable, and explains things so that we understand. Thie goes the extra mile – birthday cards with her stamps – and brings a smile to your face. Our family has benefitted greatly. She is very personal and makes you feel good when you see her. She has a good sense of humour."


- John & Jan Groleau, Retired & Housekeeper at Retirement Home, Hamilton


"I originally knew Thie as the Dundas Rotarian who was suiting up to swim Lake Ontario for charity. My dad, Trevor, was a client and fellow Rotarian and always spoke highly of Thie’s community work, boundless energy and sharp business skills. Now that I’m collaborating with her on my financial and retirement strategy, I can say, first hand, Thie is the definition of positivity and integrity. I live in Toronto but drove all the way to Dundas to pitch her about taking me on as a client because I liked her holistic approach to wealth management. Thankfully, she said yes. Thie spent a lot of time with me in our first meeting, asking detailed questions about my financial and retirement goals and overall dreams, and has been equally attentive in all of our subsequent meetings and communications about investments, health insurance, taxes and wills. She makes me feel supported and entirely capable of achieving all of my goals."


- Alison Garwood-Jones, Freelance Journalist, Toronto


"We first met Thie when we were referred to her through our friends. She makes us feel very comfortable knowing that someone so knowledgeable is looking out for us. Thie takes the time to make sure that we aware of exactly where we stand financially in terms of our investments and how to get the most of out of our money. We have benefited by having the peace of mind that our finances are in good hands and we value the fact that we can be totally honest with her and never feel judged or pressured. She is constantly upgrading her skills and is so knowledgeable. Thie is just a GREAT gal! She is so approachable, smart and witty and has a fabulous personal touch. We appreciate the personal birthday cards and her newsletters that keep us up to date."


- Tony & Joelle Bozzelli, Controller & Public Health Administrator, Hamilton


"Thie came highly recommended from two very good friends. We started working with her in 2010. As a woman, I appreciate that Thie is completely egalitarian. She is extremely competent and has endless patience repeating or explaining things we sometimes don’t get. As well as financial advice, Thie recommended an accountant and a lawyer who prepared our wills. All successful relationships. We would encourage anyone looking for a competent, organized and trustworthy advisor to give Thie a call."


- Fred & Sylvia Laidman, Retired, Hamilton


"We were first introduced to Thie at an evening dinner event by a family member who is a client of hers. We were wary of financial advisors due to a bad experience; however Thie’s level of knowledge and self-confidence was so impressive we decided to work with her. Over the 15 years of working with her, we have found that more than anything, we trust Thie. She genuinely cares about her clients and has given us confidence and a sense of comfort knowing that she has – and will continue to – do what is right for us. On a personal level, we think Thie is a remarkable person. She has a real calling to her profession; she enjoys what she does and it shows. And we are so impressed with her personal achievements. When she sets out to do something – she does it!"


- Priscilla & Gord Lister, Retired, South Bruce Peninsula


Joe: We met Thie as a result of a referral from another client almost 10 years ago. Linda and I have always known that we want a comfortable and affordable lifestyle in our retirement and Thie has created a clear picture of what we need to do now to achieve that. We have agreed upon goals and Thie holds us accountable for those, and because she has provided well thought out and researched solutions, those goals have been easy to keep. Thie has the ability to clearly and simply articulate complex financial information which makes people comfortable with no feeling of intimidation. Thie has a kind-heart, is approachable and has best interest of her clients at hand. She is trustworthy and reliable – she has always been there to answer any questions or concerns that I’ve had.

Linda: My husband and I have been seeing Thie for many, many years...long before she moved to Dundas. She was referred to us by a close friend and we are grateful for that connection. Thie has helped us by guiding us through our working years, while planning for the retirement we want to have. Thie is an excellent Wealth Advisor. She is diligent on booking reviews for us to see her and go over our portfolios. And she has grown our portfolio by informing us about current investments and how we can optimize them, which also result in tax savings. She is open to any questions and if she does not happen to know the answer, she will find it out and get back to us quickly. Our visits are comfortable, never rushed and always informative. Thie takes the time to listen to what we want in our future, focusing on our resources and comfort level towards reaching our goals. The most valuable parts of our relationship rest in the personal touch and detailed understanding of our investments. The fact that Thie recommends items for us that she too would invest in is both positive and comforting. Her honesty, with what could and could not happen, is also key. No one likes to feel like they are being directed to purchase something and not understand the big picture or possible outcomes. I think she is great! Thie is congenial, always professional, respectful and easy to talk to – and I also love hearing about all the experiences she has had and places she has been.


- Senior Vice-President and CIO, Ellis Don Corp & Community Member, Hamilton


We first met Thie what seems like forever ago when she was referred to us from our previous Financial Advisor. We met with her and were comfortable so we decided to work with her. The biggest impact of working with Thie is her ability to optimize our portfolio but we’ve also benefitted from her ability to be very calm and convey information in a way we can understand. We can safely say that our wealth goals are being met and that we have become more confident and comfortable in our finances and what we are doing. Thie helps us stay focused and on track by regularly showing us the progress we’ve made towards those goals. During our meetings, Thie has the unique ability to “reach across the table” and articulate on a personal level. She doesn’t just regurgitate numbers, she listens. And she is the only Wealth Advisor that I have ever seen that goes on vacation and sends us a card! It is a small, but significant touch. We have come to trust Thie and value her honesty. We are so confident in Thie as a family that we have referred her to others, which is something we wouldn’t normally do.


- Robin Mohamid & Vashti Maharaj, Senior Manager & HR Director, Oakville


Clementina: We first met Thie approximately 15-20 years ago when Jason’s father participated in seminar held at the Ramada in Hamilton. He returned and recommended that…..“You have to go see this Thie woman!” So we did and in my opinion, she has been invaluable! Thie provides the necessary discipline around managing our future – through relentless follow-up and accountability – and aims to ensure balance in our overall life planning, which brings a level of calm to our life plan. Thie has the ability to customize what she does best to our needs. She always makes us feel that it’s about us, and she has a real interest in making the Allan’s happy first. She intently listens and seeks to understand what’s important to us and then applies her advice relative to investment planning. It’s not just about the financials. She uniquely brings all aspects of our life into the plan; really big picture planning. We are financially stronger and can focus on other things, knowing she has our back. Thie has earned our trust and there is a real confidence established with the advice she provides which we rely upon heavily in our decision making. Beyond investment planning, Thie also inspires. In her practice she is continually educating herself in order to best serve her clients, and in her personal life she is always working on her personal athletic goals that inspires others to grow and progress in the similar ways. Thie clearly loves to live life! She is happy and jovial and loves what she does. The fun and creativity in her communications really reminds of us that.

Jason: Thie has been our only Advisor and that is a testament in and of itself. She has passion and emotion for what she does, and really understands balance. It isn’t about just putting dollars away for the future; Thie helps to balance that with the level of daily living that we want now. We have grown up with her throughout the years and she has been consistently able to make the right recommendations for our future strategy. Outside of her competency – and the fact that she makes us money – I just think she is so funny and personable! It’s like having a doctor with a great bedside manner.


- CLEMENTINA & JASON ALLAN, Head of Business Development, L&T Infotech Financial Services Technologies Inc. and Owner, Exclusively Malta Luxury Travel, Hamilton


Thie and I met at St. James Church in Dundas in 2002 and started working together almost immediately. Back then I was in the position where I needed to become financially independent and she helped by setting me up with my own financial plan. Since then, I’ve come to rely on Thie’s advice and her back-to-basics, straight-forward approach. She is very prompt (with the help of Jennifer) on any requests I have and I know that I can pick up the phone any time and ask her advice. I like the travel medical coverage she recommended and enjoy the broad scope of reading materials that she shares. It is admirable that Thie is so focused on her goals and so very generous.


- Barb Busing, Retired, Dundas


We first met Thie in 2009, when we were referred to her by another advisor at IPC. The key to our whole relationship with Thie is confidence. We value the confidence we have in her and her ability and knowledge. Thie has such a complete knowledge of all aspects of the financial world and has such an ease in the way she explains things. She is like a safe harbour when it comes to our investments, wills and insurance – and she gives us the confidence to move ahead. She provides stability and takes away our anxiety and worry about what is going on in the marketplace. Thie is very personable and easy to communicate with and will always answer any questions we ask.


- Jack & Joyce McGurn, Retired, Mississauga