At a time in my life when I felt vulnerable (after the death of my husband), I met Thie Convery at a dinner presentation. With Thie, all of my financial needs are taken care of. She has always been decent, honest and forthright in her recommendations. She truly offers a one-stop service. And I trust Thie.”

Janet Black, Retired, Burlington 


“My husband, Colin, and I were introduced to Thie through a friend ages ago. Thie always gave us very good, straightforward and solid advice, and never dictated anything to us. Prior to his death, Colin took care of all finances, but now Thie helps me. She lets me know exactly where I stand and I can rely on her expertise. Thie is bright, intelligent and better than anyone I can imagine!”

Vivian Campbell, Retired, Ancaster


“The long downturn in the market had me feeling uneasy about the future. I had previously met Thie, and felt it was time to approach her for a second opinion. Thie’s step-by-step approach and reassuring demeanor were such a welcome relief! I appreciate all the time taken getting to know me, and Thie’s genuine personal interest in my well being. With Thie’s knowledge, and the wide range of thorough services she provides my uneasy feelings have been replaced with total confidence. And the most important difference is the peace of mind that comes from knowing Thie is genuinely interested in and looking out for my future.”

Audrey Nicol, Retired, Dundas 


“Years ago Thie and I met while working on a volunteer committee in Dundas. When Doug and I found ourselves in need of a financial advisor, I thought of Thie. I was already comfortable working with her and after listening to her speak at a dinner presentation, decided to meet with her for a personal consultation. Thie got us organized. She addressed more than just our immediate financial concerns and started us working on long term goals including our wills and estate planning. We trust Thie. We respect her knowledge and ability to describe complex financial concepts in ways that we can understand.”

Cheri Weaver & Doug Berry, Teacher & System Architect, Dundas 


"“Before we even sit down for our semi-annual meetings with Thie, she has already prepared an itemized list of things to discuss. We are really impressed with Thie’s ability to anticipate our needs before we bring them to the table. Knowing that Thie is always identifying issues or concerns that might be relevant for us, and doing this kind of planning on our behalf, is a tremendous comfort.”

John and Arleen DePaulo, Lab Tech, Arcelor Mittal & professional homemaker and Grandma, Ancaster 


"“We’ve known Thie since she was a child. We watched her grow into a good person and we have followed her extensive education. We’re very comfortable with Thie and know she’s there for us. We have also benefitted financially - after all, you do hope to make money.”

Ron & Pearl Jackman, Retired Consultant and Retired Assistant, Scarborough 


" “My wife, Rea, and I first met Thie through one of our sons and learned that she could assist us in organizing some of our investments and other aspects of our post-retirement lives. Over quite a number of years now she has not only helped to organize many aspects of our lives but has become a good friend whose company is as enjoyable as her advice is valuable. Matters of insurance, asset management and estate planning are now in an ordered state that has brought a great feeling of relief from what used to be a somewhat chaotic and stressful situation.”

Dr. Alan A. Smith Professor Emeritus, McMaster University, Dundas 


"“About 9 years ago, I heard Thie speak at a Women’s Luncheon Group and I immediately liked her and felt a friendly bond. I accepted Thie’s offer to review my financial arrangements, which were somewhat scattered at that time. That meeting confirmed my positive opinion of Thie and the comfortable rapport I felt with her, and life has been fabulous ever since! Thie has her finger on all the little pieces, and I know it’s all under control. She has not only been a financial advisor but also a trusted sounding board, helping me with everything from major purchases to my mental health! I really appreciate her interest in the total me and all the things that will make my life better.”

Floris Ann Dawson, Retired and having fun!, Caledonia 


"“Years ago, a friend from our church congregation invited us to a presentation hosted by Thie. We liked Thie right off the bat and feel the same way today. We reach her easily by phone, and she is always so pleasant and obliging. Thie always has time for us. She takes a very personal interest in how we are doing, and how our family is, as well. Thie treats each individual as important, right down to the birthday cards she sends each year. She has been a fountain of knowledge and we’ve never had a financial question or challenge that Thie couldn’t solve. Over the years Thie has always been there and always been so helpful that we are thankful for that initial introduction years ago.”

Earl & Isie Purmal, Enjoying retirement, Hamilton 


“I have been working with Thie for a number of years now, and doing so has given me tremendous peace of mind. She is so reliable and honest. I especially appreciate her straightforward manner, and simple explanations. She helps me understand all the relevant issues and decisions to be made.”

Elvira Peterson, Retired High school Teacher, Dundas 


“Thie has been our Financial Advisor for 15 years, and we almost consider her part of our family! She has been with us through many changes and through the growth of our children. Any new situation that might have a financial impact, our first thought has always been, “Let’s call Thie.” She always gets back to us quickly, and with a plan. She is truly a trusted advisor, with energy to spare.”

Al & Sari Campbell, Commercial Finance Professional, MBA, and Retired Teacher, Hamilton 


“We wanted someone to handle ‘the big picture,’ and we weren’t even sure this person existed who could oversee all aspects related to our financial situation. Now, Thie organizes everything including investments, tax planning, wills, some details relevant to our business, while focusing on our priorities of our children and our home.”

George & Kathy Eastwood, Engineer/Home Inspector and Teacher, Dundas 


"Retirement at age 50 was always our goal. We were comfortable having a good plan and exercising the financial discipline necessary. Considering the roller coaster markets over the past few years, it’s doubtful that we would have achieved our goals of early retirement without Thie’s assistance. As it turned out, we made our retirement decision at ages 49 and 46, respectively.”

Keith Heckley & Caroline Fehr, Retired Management Consultant and Retired Teacher, Hamilton 


“Thie and I began working together during the summer of 2013, after a recommendation from my brother who is also client of hers. Thie’s unique approach has helped me to step back and look at the bigger picture of my financial status. She focuses not just on investments, but also how other items – such as my income taxes, wills, and estate planning – can affect my overall wealth picture. Being a visual learner, I find it helpful that she uses things like graphs and charts and that she takes the time to talk about what they mean to me and how they relate to my situation. Thie is very personable and I feel very comfortable with her."

Frank Ramirez, Self-Employed, Story Board Artist 


"Thie and I met when she spoke to my Body & Soul group and I knew after I listened to her that we’d make a good fit. One of the most helpful things about working with Thie is that she takes the worry away about whether our retirement savings will last throughout retirement. She is very reassuring and is constantly updating her investment knowledge, while we relax, knowing that we are getting the best advice. Thie is always friendly, professional and interested in her clients and has their best interests at heart. She strives to do so much good in this world and does so much to help others!"

Barb Thomson, Retired , Dundas 


"While I originally met Thie through St. James Church, it was through her newsletter that I learned of her business and background. Thie has made me feel very secure because she is knowledgeable, helpful, and always dependable. She is open and honest and I know that I can call her whenever I need to. Thie carries herself with great professionalism – not only as a Wealth Advisor – but as someone who contributes a great deal to her community."

Rev. Canon Ruth Jefferson, Retired, Dundas 


"I first met Thie around 12 years ago, just after my husband passed away. A neighbour, who is a client of hers, recommended that I meet with her and the rest is history! Thie is pretty amazing. She has helped me in just about every way you can think of. She is like a good friend I can turn to – dependable, reliable, easy to talk to, always looking out for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to call her about anything. I have told my friends about Thie and how she has taken the financial pressure off me. I now have security and it gives me great comfort not to have to worry. I would highly recommend Thie to anyone who is looking for a Wealth Advisor."

H. Skrok, Retired, Hamilton 


"I started working with Thie as my Wealth Advisor over ten years ago and I have come to trust her completely over those years. She takes care of me and all of my numbers in a way that I don’t have to worry. I have confidence that everything is going as it should in my Wealth Plan. Thie takes the time to maintain contact with me and is very organized. She keeps meeting notes and creates an agenda based on her notes. Thie is upbeat and positive – she’s fun!"

Sandra Gemin, Owner, BodySense Go-Natural Boutique & Spa


"I originally met Thie through a referral by a client of hers. I’ve had previous experiences where I feel like I hadn’t really been involved in my own financial planning but Thie has given me faith that this process can actually work. She is focused on me and what I want to achieve. She shares short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans and gives detailed explanations on how we will achieve my goals. And I’m beginning to see some real improvement! Thie surrounds herself with other professionals that will work corroboratively to get me where I’d like to be. I appreciate her personal attention and professional, direct approach. Thie is great and I like working with her."

Karen Scraba, Associate Director of Global Alliances and Services, Dundas